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SETX Family Health & Wellness Center

220 Strickland Drive

Orange, TX 77630-4750

O: 409.883.4900

F: 409.883.4913


M-F: 8AM - 4:30PM

Our Staff

Dr. Philip M. Cantu, M.D., Solo Practitioner

Louis Sanchez, Intake Specialist

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Please note that as of September 23, 2013 that the only approved manner of communication between patients and staff due to the new ObamaCare 2013 Federal HIPAA Omnibus are the following:

Office visitTelephone call from the office to a phone number listed in your fileBlueMailFacsimile sent of received from recognized Provider or number listed in your file.

Due to changes required of all Physicians & Patients our office now uses BlueMail. BlueMail complies with 2013 Federal HIPAA Omnibus regulations and employs 256-bit SSL encryption. Communications privacy options can be set by you - the patient. BlueMail is secure, easy & patients can email us directly from their mobile phone. Email us with questions or even pictures. It's that simple!

Please click the @ symbol above to get started. This service is free of charge for patients or those seeking to become patients. Failure to use ONLY the above communications may result in discharge from the practice.

Another benefit of BlueMail is that it is an easy way for patients to log their condition daily. If you already have a Diabetes, Pain or other Medical Condition Diary that you are required to keep and show the doctor at your visits, this is another alternative and can be viewed by Dr. Cantu easily at each visit.

All patients are required to read the Patient Communication Notice found below. If you are using Chrome, please switch to another viewer to download. Chrome's newest update does not support this type of file download.

Dr. Philip M. Cantu

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